Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Log4Qt::AppenderThe class Appender is the base class for all Appenders
Log4Qt::AppenderSkeletonThe class AppenderSkeleton implements general Appender functionality
Log4Qt::BasicConfiguratorThe class BasicConfigurator provides a simple package configuration
Log4Qt::ClassLoggerThe class ClassLogger provides logging for a QObject derived class
Log4Qt::ConfiguratorHelperThe class ConfiguratorHelper provides a confiuration file watch and last error for configurator classes
Log4Qt::ConsoleAppenderThe class ConsoleAppender appends to stdout or stderr
Log4Qt::DailyRollingFileAppenderThe class DailyRollingFileAppender extends FileAppender so that the underlying file is rolled over at a specified frequency
Log4Qt::DateTimeThe class DateTime provides extended functionality for QDateTime
Log4Qt::DebugAppenderThe class DebugAppender appends logging events to the platform specific debug output
Log4Qt::DenyAllFilterThe class DenyAllFilter drops all logging events
Log4Qt::FactoryThe class Factory provides factories for Appender, Filter and Layout objects
Log4Qt::FileAppenderThe class FileAppender appends log events to a file
Log4Qt::FilterThe class Filter is the base class for all filters
Log4Qt::HierarchyThe class Hierarchy implements a logger repository
Log4Qt::InitialisationHelperThe class InitialisationHelper performs static initialisation tasks
Log4Qt::LayoutThe class Layout is the base class for all layouts
Log4Qt::LevelThe class Level defines the level of a logging event
Log4Qt::LevelMatchFilterThe class LevelMatchFilter allows logging events with a specified level
Log4Qt::LevelRangeFilterThe class LevelMatchFilter allows logging events with levels in a specified range
Log4Qt::ListAppenderThe class ListAppender appends logging events to a list for later processing
Log4QtTestThe class Log4QtTest provides a unit test for the package Log4Qt
Log4Qt::LogErrorThe class LogError represents an error
Log4Qt::LoggerThe class Logger provides logging services
Log4Qt::LoggerRepositoryThe class LoggerRepository is abstract base class for a logger repository
Log4Qt::LoggingEventThe class LoggingEvent is the internal representation of a logging event
Log4Qt::LogManagerThe class LogManager manages Logger in the default LoggerRepository
Log4Qt::LogObjectThe class LogObject is the common base class for many classes in the package
Log4Qt::LogObjectPtr< T >The class LogObjectPtr implements automatic reference counting for LogObject objects
Log4Qt::MDCThe class MDC implements a mapped diagnostic context
Log4Qt::NDCThe class NDC implements a nested diagnostic context
Log4Qt::NullAppenderThe class NullAppender ignores all requests to append
Log4Qt::OptionConverterThe class OptionConverter provides functions to convert strings to property values
Log4Qt::PatternFormatterThe class PatternFormatter formats a logging event based on a pattern string
Log4Qt::PatternLayoutThe class PatternLayout outputs a logging event based on a pattern string
Log4Qt::PropertiesThe class Properties implements a JAVA property hash
Log4Qt::PropertyConfiguratorThe class PropertyConfigurator allows the configuration of the package from a JAVA properties file
Log4Qt::RollingFileAppenderThe class RollingFileAppender extends FileAppender to backup the log files when they reach a certain size
Log4Qt::SimpleLayoutThe class SimpleLayout outputs the level and message of a logging event
Log4Qt::StringMatchFilterThe class StringMatchFilter allows logging events with a specified level
Log4Qt::TTCCLayoutThe class TTCCLayout outputs the time, thread, logger and nested diagnostic context information of a logging event
Log4Qt::WriterAppenderThe class WriterAppender appends log events to a QTextStream

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